What Does An Excavator Do in Fairfield County, Ohio?

A construction site is created by excavating contractors. They will take an existing building or empty lot and turn it into a space for a new construction project. This includes a lot of work, from clearing away debris to digging for utility lines and the foundation of the new building. Not only does an excavator start the physical process for building, but they are also integral in the finished project's long-term functionality.

When it comes to construction, problems occur and that is just part of the business. However, when there is a professional excavator on the job, this makes it easier to tackle challenges to make the entire project go smoother. There are six primary jobs that excavators handle on a construction project.

Preconstruction and Project Planning

A great excavating company will look at the total project so that they can complete their part properly. This is where the planning part of the process comes in. Before they bring in any heavy equipment, they will discuss and analyze the site and what it needs to start the new project. This helps to ensure that the road or structure will be built well and last for a long time.

Site Excavation

The excavation part of the process involves grading, drain correction and land alteration. They will determine how big the foundation will be and precisely carve out the area. This may involve compressing dirt to make sure that it is stable enough to handle the foundation. If the landscape is not ideal for the structure, they will alter it so that it will handle it and ensure proper water drainage away from the foundation.

Underground Utilities

Modern buildings often have their utilities underground and an excavator will carve out the pathways for the utility elements. This includes things like the sewer system for the building. As they create the trenches, they will ensure that any existing utilities are untouched while making room for new ones.

Infrastructure and Road Construction

Paved roads take a lot of planning and work. Everything from the concrete elements to the drainage system is thanks to excavators. They are responsible for making sure that the foundation below the pavement is stable so that the road lasts for a long time.

Soil Remediation and Erosion Control

Managing storm water is critical for a strong structure. Excavators will use a variety of methods to control soil erosion, such as retention basins and physical barriers. The methods they use also help to maintain a site's landscaping and keep the site's water supply free from pollutants.

Land Clearing and Demolition

Many sites are not cleared and ready for construction to begin. This is where the excavators will remove existing buildings and get the grounds ready for the new structure. Not only do they tear everything down, but they also work to remove and dispose of the debris so that the builders have a clear site to work with.

Excavators are crucial in the construction process. Whether it comes to a new skyscraper, home or road, the excavators get the process started and work to ensure everything is built on stable ground so that it lasts for a long time. AA Excavating & Septic welcomes you to contact us today for all your excavation needs.